Truck Parking Games

Truck Parking Games

Have you ever wished that you could brush up on your parking skills without worrying about damage to your vehicle? Truck parking games are flash-based internet games that are a great way to test your directional perception and to test how well you are able to react and change directions when needed. Using a large vehicle, such as a truck to work on your parking skills adds an additional challenge, as your vehicle dimensions are much different than in a small passenger car. You can choose to straight-in park, parallel park or back in to your parking spot, but whatever you do, make sure that you get it done right the first time to avoid penalties.

Truck parking games let you have all the fun of experimenting with different parking techniques without the risk of dents in your bumper or an increase in your insurance premium.



Park My Tank

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Parking Lot 3

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Parking Space

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Parking Training

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Parking Perfection

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